Video interview: Hydranautics’ Tsune Katsura on membrane developments

Video interview: Hydranautics’ Tsune Katsura on membrane developments

Tsune Katsura, chairman of global membrane company Hydranautics talks about matching supply and demand in a reignited desalination market…


Municipal and industrial water reuse will continue to be big markets for membrane companies as the competition gets tighter on new mega desalination projects.

这是全球膜公司Hydalautics董事长的Tsune Katsura。

在最近在上海的Aquatech中国活动,Aquatech Global活动坐落在Katsura上,在膜市场,物质科学发展和水重用市场上进行广泛的采访。在嵌入式视频中可以看到面试样本。

In the interview, Katsura said: “Desalination continues to be an important market for us. But when competition is too tight in the bigger projects, we migrate towards the high value market, such as energy reuse in the energy and environmental area.”

He added: “When you recycle municipal wastewater into potable water, the energy consumption can be one third compared to海水淡化。在这个领域,防污技术非常重要 - 我们在新加坡和加利福尼亚州的橙县有很好的参考。“

Membrane’s dominant four

Hydranautics是较广阔的70亿美元的聚合物材料科学公司,日本Nitto Denko Corporation的薄膜部门。

The company is one of four who dominant players, also including Toray, LG and Dow (DuPont Water solutions) in the seawater desalination market for plant capacities of more than 50,000 m3/day,根据GWI的说法


Commenting on the emergence of new solutions and research taking advantage of graphene, the chairman adds: “Nitto does have the graphene technology. However, anybody that starts from a material science will lose the game. Anybody who starts with touching the market, developing applications and then applying the new material – those are the winners.”


Earlier this year Hydranautics launched a new nanofiltration (NF) range of membrane products.

称为ESNA1-LF / LF2-LD,这是一系列低污染的NF膜,专为地下水处理而设计用于饮用应用。据该公司介绍,“硬度排斥”可以量身定制,以实现低盐度井水的所需部分软化。

The membranes feature an increased flow (10-15 per cent) and rejection while providing the same permeate quality and low fouling characteristics as the traditional ESNA1-LF/LF2-LD membranes.

According to GWI, although NF has mainly been deployed to remove hardness or colour in potable water supplies, technology advancements could open up more applications for tougher-to-treat wastewaters.



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