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Thursday, 01 October 2020


比安卡Nijhof writes how the water sector and Green Recovery must come together. Because without water, there will be no Green Recovery at all.

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We had more than 1400 people participate in these webinars, which showed the water topics has direct relevance to people’s current challenges.

“这显示,再次,水不仅是crucial for our health and wellbeing, but it is an essential element to a sustainable, circular economy."

To me, it merely showed, once again, how water is not just crucial for our health and wellbeing, but that it is a key element to a sustainable, circular economy, to food security and to a resilient way of life.




In 2018, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, PBL, published ‘未来水资源挑战的地理’, a report which – in the literal sense of the word – mapped the relevance of water in almost all of today’s world issues.

It also showed in a powerful way how water is interconnected with the Sustainable Development Goals. And not just the ones mentioned above, but all of them!


Now, two years later, there is much talk about the Green Recovery, and not only in the European Union. Plans are being made, and budgets are set aside for re-greening countries and continents. And rightly so.


Every day our sector is developing some of the concrete and innovative solutions that are needed to make our world sustainable. Speaking for the Dutch Water Sector, I can only repeatedly emphasise the value of those solutions.



As the荷兰水伙伴关系, we are here to help our sector showcase to the world what we have on offer. And the other way around, we function as a gateway for governments, policymakers, businesses, and investors wishing to find their way to our sector and our solutions.


There will be many more opportunities for collaboration if we know how to find each other. And there will be new ways of sharing, connecting, and developing business.


“我们都想做的业务,但它正变得clearer than ever that we need to focus on the right business."

In the end, we all want to do business. But it is becoming more apparent than ever, that we also need to focus on the right business: sustainable business.

用这家全球科学公司营养、健康和可持续生活的前首席执行官费克·西杰贝斯马(Feike Sijbesma)的话来说,帝斯曼:“在一个失败的世界里,我们既不能成功,也不能称我们的公司成功。”

Green Recovery ambitions give our sector new opportunities to connect to the right business. And also the other way around: a Green Recovery cannot do without us. Because without water, there will be no Green Recovery at all.




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