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Monday, 14 September 2020

布鲁诺Lhopiteau: Three practical findings from applying BIM in China

A special tool in digital transformation

Building information modelling (BIM) refers to the development of tridimensional digital representations of facilities. With proven benefits in design and construction, BIM is becoming mandatory for environmental infrastructures all over the world. Demand is now growing to extend its usage to Operation & Maintenance (O&M).

"BIM is so visually enticing: the perfect tool to grab the attention of decision makers."

BIM plays a special role in the digital transformation arsenal as it is so visually enticing: the perfect tool to grab the attention of decision makers.

To illustrate the O&M potential of BIM, vendors often show 3D plant models, illuminated with real-time data, allowing users to navigate within the facility to locate a piece of equipment, say a submersible pump, with visual effects reminiscent of sci-fi movies.


From an O&M perspective, such usage of BIM makes no practical sense. At the scale of an entire plant, there is just too much data to show in one 3D display. Finding the pump is easier just by searching for its tag number or from a process drawing.

As for using tablets, the entire process is unrealistic and ignorant of work safety. In any case, most maintenance work can be done without the need for 3D models.


法国诗人Victor Hugo一旦写道:“革命是从虚假到真实的回归。”


In any case, we have had plenty of opportunities to experiment with new technologies in greenfield projects as China massively expanded its environmental infrastructure.

Here are three of our practical findings:

  • 1)良好的BIM模型包含用于工厂维护的有用数据,例如资产标签和技术规范。为此,香港三方水处理作品涉及我们的O&M专家在植物模型的发展中,协调维护数据库的积累(备件清单,标准操作程序等)。

  • 2)3D绘图本身可用于编制复杂,不经常的维护工作,涉及多方(而不是日常O&M),以识别访问约束,定义隔离程序,也可能是排练的复杂操作。为此目的,重庆水(中国)设计了由O&M团队每天使用的维护软件,直接打开以目标设备为中心的3D模型。

  • 3)最后,通过良好的良好的模型和正确的维护管理软件,BIM模型成为真正的数字双胞胎,将整个设施的生命周期从设计中反映到O&M。在构建操作转移(BOT)项目中,最新的数字双单可以在合同期结束时移回所有者。我们建议所有者纳入这一要求,就像在设计 - 建立 - 运营(DBO)项目下的香港在香港所做的那样。



To do so in a realistic and potentially revolutionary manner, involve O&M specialists as early as possible, to develop the model and to design the O&M system that will utilise the model.



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