Kaumera gum + Aquatech Innovation Award winners
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Kaumera gum + Aquatech Innovation Award winners

我s Kaumera gum and why was it the overall winner of the Aquatech Innovation Awards?

Driving real change in water

生物胶,物联网和大数据平台和MPC纳米博布尔技术是今年Aquatech Innovation Awards的获奖者之一。

Showcasing water technology developments with the potential to create real change, the awards recognize world-class innovation and technologies in the global water market.

The overall winner of this year’s Aquatech Innovation Award was the Kaumera Nereda Gum, a valuable resource that can be extracted from the wastewater treatment process.


“This was by far the biggest innovative step from all of the entries received,” said jury chairman Professor Cees Buisman, Scientific Director of Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology.

“It’s completely new and hasn’t been done before. In an urbanizing world, it's going to have much impact to help enable a circular economy.”


The development of Kaumera is the result of a collaboration between multiple stakeholders: Royal HaskoningDHV, TU Delft, STOWA (Stichting Toegepast Onderzoek Waterbeheer), the Vallei en Veluwe Water Authority, the Rijn en IJssel Water Authority, Chaincraft and the Energy and Raw Materials Factory (EFGF).

The award judges were impressed that the market potential has already been demonstrated.

In the autumn of 2019, a factory will open in Zutphen that will extract Kaumera from residual water from the dairy industry. The second plant in Epe will be operational by the spring of 2020 and will extract Kaumera from municipal sewage water.

It’s estimated that a medium-sizedwastewater treatment plant每年可以产生高达2000吨的高调。

“Usually with these type of resource innovations you need several tonnes of material to get clients using it – it's a chicken and egg scenario," says Buisman.

“In this case, there is a company who is taking the risk of building a plant and another taking the risk of selling the material. Together that accelerates the speed of scale-up and adoption."


Category winners, as well as the overall winner of the Aquatech Innovation Award 2019, were revealed at the opening ceremony of the Amsterdam International Water Week and Aquatech Amsterdam.

“What always amazes the jury is that every two years there are so many new innovations,” added Buisman. “We are always surprised by the enormous, innovative potential of the water sector that is highlighted by these awards.”

Buisman said the jury noticed two major trends across the entries this year. The first was a rise in the number and ability for sensors to measure online parameters that were not possible before. This gives the potential for greater automation of the water sector.




A total of 12 innovative technologies were selected from an impressive number of entries by an expert jury.

Below is the list of category winners and the reasons cited by the jury.

Kaumera Nereda Gum, Royal HaskoningDHV
展示现代资源恢复,令人志格拉是源于废水处理过程的潜在宝贵产品之一。令人印象深刻的法官是整个工厂正在建立 - 在市场潜力以及资源中展示信心。法官称胶被称为“高影响力,非常创新”。

GoAigua’s IoT and Big Data platform, GoAigua

ABX, Aquafortus Technologies Limited
This technology is a novel solvent extraction solution that crystallizes out salts frombrine回收水以重复使用。陪审团评论说brine在世界各地需要治疗解决方案,并且这种解决方案由于溶剂给药而创新,并且可持续90%的可持续利用较少的能源使用。

(INA) Interactive MPC-NanoBubble Application, LG Sonic algae control
INA is the first nanobubble system that increases oxygen levels in lakes based on real-time data on a movable pontoon. The jury was impressed by the simplicity and low energy requirements of theMPC-NaNobbble.application, calling it a “very elegant solution”. The combination with solar energy means the impact of this innovation is high, the jury remarked.

Sewtree, ATB WATER GmbH
Sewtree is a natural purification and buffering system for stormwater run-off that provides safe wastewater treatment in urban areas/large cities. By using plants to transport, filter and purify water, the system is “attractive and innovative”, the jury commented. They added that Sewtree has the potential to create high impact by making water treatment visible, offering social relevance and community value.

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