VIDEO: Private water concessions urgently needed in Mexico City
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VIDEO: Private water concessions urgently needed in Mexico City


Mexico City continues to face challenges of aquifer over withdrawal and related land subsidence and urgent action is needed to accelerate international concessions on water.

That’s according to Hugo Rojas Silva, director-general of ANEAS, a non-profit that represents water operators, who described the water situation in Mexico City as “very hard”.

在Aquatech Mexico(上面观看视频面试摘要),他说:“目前我们正在讨论整个国家的新法律,我们需要将水公用事业更强大的预算来建立能力。

“We need private concessions for the next 20 years…and then companies with the right expertise around the world can teach us how they resolved similar challenges in their countries.”


评论在遵循a big announcement from the city mayor,Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo,承诺改善环境服务,包括废水和水。

Costing 145 billion pesos (US$7.4 billion) over six years, the CDMX 2019-2024 Environmental Program plans to reduce air pollution by 30 per cent and pressure on a major aquifer in the eastern part of the city by closing 50 private wells.

GWI recently reported that a broader economic stimulus package would see funding earmarked for the country’s dedicated national infrastructure fund, Fonadin. However, the amount of funding specifically for water hadn’t been determined.

wastewater treatment植物在Fonadin的投资组合 - 圣胡安DelRío(Querétaro)和Celaya(Guanajuato) - 可以从额外的资金中受益。

How desperately does CDMX’s water need fixing?




Silva expressed the urgency required: “Out of all of the projects and programmes needed – we need to start now.”

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