Could Blockchain mitigate our global water crisis?

Water business in China through the eyes of an entrepreneur


荷兰企业家德布鲁因(Gijs de Bruin)评论说,中国30多年来的发展速度令人难以置信,但这是以环境为代价的。政府当然意识到这一点以及它对未来经济增长构成的风险,这也是对环境行动(包括水务部门)持续进行大量投资的原因。



政府行动正在推动机会。De Bruin突出了去年推出的“水十计划”,这针对纺织品和石化行业等污染产业的重大污染。“对外国技术有重大需求,”德布鲁因说。‘There is a lot of local technology to hand, but the real advanced technology is not present so much.’ Solution providers, monitoring equipment, real time data, water efficiency and reuse are all technology areas where the need is strong, and in the area of difficult-to-treat-wastewater there is also a need for expertise to adapt the technologies to the local conditions, he adds.



Contracts can be an area of concern. ‘A lot of people say they have no value in China. They have value, but it is just different to what we are used to in parts of Europe,’ says de Bruin. Contracts describe a general partnership and require on-going discussions and evaluation about the issues set out in the contract, he explains. 'As a partnership evolves over time, the partners are expected to have the flexibility to adjust the underlying terms along those lines,' he adds.


Another important message, for intellectual property and in general, is that a company should dedicate its own resources to the country. ‘You have to make sure that you have a local presence in China, which can monitor your partners and which can also build your own networks,’ says de Bruin.

‘There is an enormous positivity and an enormous energy in the Chinese market,’ says de Bruin. This can mean that Chinese partners may sometimes appear impatient, which western companies should understand. ‘In the end, if you open up, if you make sure that your own operation is ready for China with sufficient resources allocated both at HQ level as well as in China, then there is a great opportunity,' he concludes.



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