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General rules on accrediting journalists for RAI Amsterdam events

Journalists requiring access to information about our events and to our company premises require accreditation. This accreditation is granted solely for the purpose of enabling journalistic coverage.

RAI Amsterdam charges no registration fee for accredited press representatives.

The following persons may receive press accreditation:

  • Holders of a valid press card/work pass from a non-industry affiliated press association (less than 1 year old).
  • Holders of a valid press card/work pass (less than one year old) from a specialist journalists’ association covering topics of the event in question.
  • People with journalistic (or photojournalistic) activities such as:
  1. 打印媒体代表。您可能会被要求从过去的四个月和出版物的副本提交两个旁注文章的原件。
  2. Radio and TV media representatives. You may be asked to submit two recordings of reports from the past four months.
  3. Photographers. You may be asked to submit original tear sheets or photos with credits of the client company.
  4. 上line media must meet the following requirements:
    • The web publication must belong to a registered media organisation, with a verifiable non-web address and telephone number.
    • The online journal must have a substantial amount of original news content, commentary or analysis on event-related issues.
    • 如果网站是新的,我们可能会要求网站的访客或其他相关材料(新闻引用等)上的最新数据。
    • Applicants must have an established record of having written on event-related issues. We possibly ask for copies of recently published articles with your by-line. These samples must be unaltered clippings or media products from a recognised organisation.
  5. 常驻编辑人员的成员或贡献者。我们询问Masthead / Publishing详细信息命名为编辑的原始副本(在问题所在事件前六个月)。
  6. A person who works for student publications. You must submit proof or submit a valid request from your educational organisation.

即使提交了有效的新闻卡/工作通行证,rai阿姆斯特丹可能会进一步调查建立新闻活动证明。识别证明应在荷兰语或英语中提交。在单个情况下,RAI Amsterdam也可能要求提交有效(照片)ID。认证没有权利,Rai Amsterdam保留限制认证或完全撤销的权利。

Please note that only journalists and named members of editorial teams are eligible to receive press accreditation. Non-journalistic staff members (i.e. members of management, assistants, advertising dept. employees, etc.) do not qualify as journalists and will not receive press accreditation. RAI Amsterdam may reject requests on a case-by-case basis.